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About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. 

Shaftesbury Primary School is a large multi-cultural, inner city school where there are over 30 languages spoken. For over 90% of the learners, English is learned as an additional language. In addition, the school’s pupil population is very mobile.

The school’s staff team acknowledges that we have children who join us from different starting points in all year groups, but that does not stop us from having the expectation that all children will make very good progress in order to maximise their potential: be they very able children, able children or children who find academic learning challenging. The school takes an inclusive approach and structures it’s teaching and the education it provides in order to personalise learning.

Shaftesbury Primary School was judged as Outstanding by Ofsted in November 2021.

The school carries out its work, focusing on three main aims…

Behaviour - The staff of the school work hard with children to ensure that their behaviour is good and that they have excellent attitudes to learning. We do our best to cultivate children’s drive and ambition.

Expectation - The staff of the school have very high expectations of their own standards and work as well as having very high expectations of your children’s achievements and progress. We know that believing that children can fulfil their potential on a day-to-day basis, contributes positively to maximising children’s life chances.

Environment - The staff of the school work hard to create a safe, beautiful and stimulating learning environment, where British values are promoted and where children’s work is celebrated and where children really like to come every day.


With very best regards,
Mr G Hadlow
Head Teacher