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Art & Design


Art nurtures children’s creativity and inspires them to express themselves as individuals.  At Shaftesbury, we encourage children to translate what they see around them and capture their interpretations using a host of different mediums. The children study a wide variety of different artists and alongside this we have external artists visiting the school. This encourages the discussion of different types of art and techniques for the children to interpret and apply in their own way. Children enjoy the exploration of all the dimensions that Art has to offer, and one thing our children look forward to each year is Newham Carnival. The Carnival is a chance for the children to showcase their work and experience different types of expression and culture. We also have an Art club that runs throughout the year to give budding artists in Key stage 1 and 2 the opportunity to develop skills and learn about a wider range of artists. 

Please click on the attachment below to read about the Art National Curriculum.

Art National Curriculum

Design Technology

Design Technology (DT) prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world with all its new technologies.  Pupils learn to plan and create a product and deal with any issues that come with designing. They are encouraged to think about alternative resources and methods in order to complete their projects. The subject calls for pupils to become autonomous and creative problem solvers both as individuals and as members of a team. Pupils plan, create, evaluate and present their designs at the end of each unit. It develops children’s ability to communicate effectively by verbal, visual and numerical means. Through DT, all pupils can develop innovation and become informed users of products.

Please click on the attachment below to read about the Design Technology National Curriculum.

Design Technology National Curriculum