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At Shaftesbury, we are committed to ensure that all of our children are safe and responsible internet users. At the forefront of all the learning that takes place in computing is the need for our children to be safe, confident and positive users of all new technology.

Children in KS1 and foundation stage will learn how to use computers to complement their learning over the whole curriculum. They will learn to manipulate simple programs in order to research, word process and even to write some simple instructions to create their own animations. Our key stage 1 children also have access to a large number of Ipads to really bring their subjects to life.

In Key Stage 2, children are able to work from a solid foundation of skills learned in KS1. Our KS2 pupils will learn how to write code to create their own games and stories using the Scratch software. They will also be able to further their programming skills whilst using our educational Lego resources. Children will leave the school with a good understanding of Microsoft Office and a love for the new curriculum of coding.

Please click on the attachment below to read about the Computing National Curriculum.