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Educational Visits

Educational visits provide a variety of opportunities to enable our pupils to achieve a fuller understanding of the world around them through direct experience and offer a valuable enhancement to the curriculum. We regard them as an essential element of good primary teaching practice. We recognise that thorough planning and risk assessments of educational visits are crucial to ensure their success and safeguard children, teachers and volunteers.  Visits are designed to provide a rich, learning experience for pupils in a safe, managed environment.

During the academic year, teachers will plan educational visits for your child to go on. You will receive a written letter informing you of an upcoming visit and important information regarding the visit.

Currently  we are unable to make the‚Äč usual educational visits that we would do normally.   However,  we have put additional experiences into the curriculum to enhance the wider opportunities for our pupils to extend learning in a vibrant and exciting way.  We have made links with venues where we are able to conduct virtual visits and tours with those who work there.  We are able to conduct live streaming to places so the children can communicate with those who work there and find out more to extend their learning around a topic.  Year One are currently working with 'Poppies Farm' in Berkshire for Science.  We are determined that our pupils will not miss out on opportunities to extend their knowledge within subjects and that they must continue to develop enthusiasm for learning and acquiring in a creative and inventive way.