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History / Geography


At Shaftesbury, we aim to inspire children’s curiosity about the past. Our History lessons are designed to help our children develop a chronologically secure knowledge of British, local and world history. In KS1, children are introduced to history by looking at changes in their living memory to develop their awareness of the past. They will then look at key historical figures, such as Florence Nightingale, and events such as The Great Fire of London and The Space Race. As children move into KS2, they will deepen their understanding of the past by looking at significant changes through time, including in the local area. They will have opportunities to develop their questioning skills, compare and contrast time periods and consider the range of sources we use to find out about the past. All children will be taught history through a range of pictures, stories, poetry and the media.

Please click on the attachment below to read about the History National Curriculum:

History National Curriculum 


The learning of Geography at Shaftesbury allows children to develop a wider understanding of the world around them; on a local, national and international scale. We aim to develop children’s skills in mapping, geographical enquiry and core knowledge to form a deep connection with their surroundings. In the early years and KS1 children map their immediate surroundings and also gain an understanding of place on a larger scale. Children learn about weather, continents and begin to find similarities and differences with a contrasting country in the world.

As they move into KS2 children build on these skills and further develop and sense of place. Children learn to talk about where they live and talk about changes in their surroundings. We ask questions and investigate natural disasters and other physical processes as well as observing our environment through fieldwork and educational visits.  Geography at Shaftesbury is designed to inspire children’s curiosity about the world and begin to understand the processes within it.

Please click on the attachment below to read about the Geography National Curriculum:

Geography National Curriculum

Geography Bee

A Geography Bee is a great big Geography quiz!  Do you know the capital of Brazil? Which country has the biggest population? Show off your general knowledge about the world. Can you outsmart your classmates and teachers?!

Click on the link below to access the Geography Bee information:

Available from April.