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School Closures

Whole School
A Message From Your Teachers
Video Messages From Your Old Teachers and New Teachers
Poem - Live Maths Lessons, all year groups.
Video Lesson

Home Learning Nursery
Nursery Homework Week 1
Nursery Homework Week 2
Nursery Homework Week 3
Nursery Homework Week 4
Nursery Homework Week 5
Nursery Homework Week 6
Nursery Ideas
Bunny Hop - Pencil Control Worksheets
Farm Themed Cutting Skills Activity Sheet
Five Senses Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet
General Sound Discrimination - Body Percussion EYFS Home Learning Challenge
General Sound Discrimination - Environmental Sounds Home Challenge
Incy Wincy Spider Prop Craft Instructions
Minibeasts Colour By Number Activity Sheet
Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt
Paper Bowl Ladybird Craft Instructions
Pizza Shape Colouring Activity
Space Star Biscuit Recipe
I Spy
I Spy, Checklist
Musycle Instructions
Musycle Drums
Musycle Guitar
Musycle Shakers
Twinkl Free Access  (Both maths and Literacy)  ( Phase 1 and 2)

Home Learning Reception
Reception Homework Week 1
Reception Homework Week 2
Reception Homework Week 3
Reception Homework Week 4
Reception Homework Week 5
Reception Homework Week 6
Class RM
Class RG
Class RS
Reception Spellings
Home Learning Reception
My 2020 Time Capsule
Home Reading
7 Day Diary
Easter Egg Biscuit
High Frequency Words
Describe the Minibeast
Describing Spring
Book Review
TalkForWriting - Rainy-Day Rabbit

Your Images
Cooking At Home
Den Making

Home Learning Year 1
Year 1 Homework Week 1
Year 1 Homework Week 2
Year 1 Homework Week 3
Year 1 Homework Week 4
Year 1 Homework Week 5
Year 1 Homework Week 6
Class 1B
Class 1G
Class 1T
Year 1 Spelling
Home Learning Year 1
Book Review
7 Day Diary
PurpleMash Login
Primary Resources
Maths Games
Great Fire of London Activity
Summer Maths Activity Booklet
My 2020 Time Capsule
Light Fact Cards
Facts Sheet Task
Natural Artifact
Gives Light or Reflects Light
Telling the Time
Telling the Time 2
Telling the Time - Challenging
Missing Numbers within 20
Missing Numbers within 50
3D Shapes
Fractions - Challenging
Commutative Law
Grammar Mat 1
Grammar Mat 2
Grammar Mat 3
Grammar Mat 4
Grammar Mat 5
Grammar Mat 6
Pirate Instructions
Amphibby Anne Book
Book Review
Cursive-Joined Handwring Practice
TalkForWriting - Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful

Your Images
Cooking At Home
Den Making

Home Learning Year 2
Year 2 Homework Week 1
Year 2 Homework Week 2
Year 2 Homework Week 3
Year 2 Homework Week 4
Year 2 Homework Week 5
Year 2 Homework Week 6
Class 2A
Class 2M
Class 2W
Year 2 Spellings
Home Learning Year 2
Book Review
7 Day Diary
Challenge Cards
SATs Papers
PurpleMash Login
BBCBitesize KS1 Subjects
Primary Resources
Maths Games
Space Activity
Daily English Starters
Picture Stimulus Activity 1
Picture Stimulus Activity 2
Picture Stimulus Activity 3
SPAG Activities 1
SPAG Activities 2
SPAG Activities
Summer Maths Activity
Who was Neil Armstrong?
How to Make a Weather Themed Hat
Plants Multiple Choice Quiz
The Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant
Draw the Life Cycle of a Plant
Try to use different shapes to draw sea creatures: fish, octopus, shark, dolphin
Combining Materials
Get Fit with Joe Wicks ‚Äč
My 2020 Time Capsule
TalkForWriting - The Quangle Wangle's Hat

Home Learning Year 3
Year 3 English Homework Week 1-6
Year 3 Maths Homework Week 1-6
Year 3 Science Homework Week 1-6
Class 3A
Class 3B
Class 3C
Home Learning Year 3
Book Review
7 Day Diary
Primary Resources
BBC Bitesize - Roman Activity
Maths Booklet
Maths Questions
My 2020 Time Capsule
Timeline 3x4
Art Patterns
Story Spinner
Story Settings Description Writing Frames
Telling the Time
TalkForWriting - Unicorns Uncovered

Home Learning Year 4

Week 2
Grammar and Punctuation Test 2
Test 2 reading booklet
Test 2 answer sheet
Earth, sun and moon
Urban and rural
World mountains

Class 4A
Class 4P
Class 4K
Home Learning Year 4
BBC Bitesize - Viking Activity
My 2020 Time Capsule
May the 4th be With You
The Firework Maker's Daughter
What is Classification?
What is a Food Chain?
St. Lucia
What is Electricity?
Tourism Activity
Number Bonds
Living Things and Habitats
TalkForWriting - Goblinology: The Ultimate Guide to Goblins

Home Learning Year 5
Year 5 Homework Week 1
Year 5 Homework Week 2
Year 5 Homework Week 3
Year 5 Homework Week 4
Year 5 Homework Week 5
Year 5 Homework Week 6
Class 5K
Class 5S
Class 5AJ
Home Learning Year 5
The Mystery of the Missing Lance St. George's Day Mystery Maths Game
Year 5 Maths Revision Booklet
Task 3 Film Review
Spring Themed Maths Activity Booklet
Geography Activity
My 2020 Time Capsule
May the 4th Be With You
The Mystery of the Great Bakes Thief Maths Game
Statutory Spelling Words Activity
Mathopoly Game Board x2 A4
Mathopoly Game Board A3
Mathopoly Game Board A4
Mathopoly Score Board
Mathopoly Certificate
Task 1 Advertise Your Town
Task 2 The Ascent
Task 3 Film Review
Task 4 Letter to your MP
Task 5 Continue the Story
Task 6 The Titanic
Task 7 The Supermarket
Task 8 Classroom Conundrum
Task 9 Ancient Myths
Task 10 A First Visit
Chemical Creations Home Learning Task
Materials and Properties Home Learning Task
Fiction Revision
Non-Fiction Revision
Poetry Revision
Reading Revision MAT Guidance
Year 5 Spring Themed Activity Book
Times Table Games
TalkForWriting - The Ultimate Guide to Elves and Sprites

Home Learning Year 6
Year 6 Homework Week 1
Year 6 Homework Week 2
Year 6 Homework Week 3
Year 6 Homework Week 4
Year 6 Homework Week 5
Year 6 Homework Week 6
Class 6E
Class 6F
Class 6B
Home Learning Year 6
Questions (Numbers and Place Value Workbook)
Answers (Numbers and Place Value Workbook)
Living Things (Jigsaw)
Living Things (Organisms)
Writing Task 1
Writing Task 2
Writing Task 3
Writing Task 4
Writing Task 5
Writing Task 6
Writing Task 7
Writing Task 8
Writing Task 9
Writing Task 10
SATs Revision (Fiction Reading)
SATs Revision (Non-Fiction Reading)
SATs Revision (Poetry Reading)
SATs Revision (Reading Revision)
Spring Themes Maths Booklet 1
Spring Themed Maths Booklet 2
The Mystery of The Missing Knight St. George's Day Mystery Maths Game
Times Table Games
Easter Egg Biscuit Recipe
Revision Booklet Answers
BBC Bitesize Activities
My 2020 Time Capsule
The Big Maths Challenge
The Mystery of the Missing Umpire
The Mystery of the Missing Umpire Answers
UKS2 The Mystery of the Mixed-Up Football Shirts Maths Mystery Game
UKS2 The Mystery of the Mixed-Up Football Shirts Maths Mystery Game Answers
Statutory Spelling Words Activity
I have found these tasks from the red cross. I don't know how you're all finding it but all of us living together under one roof at the moment has its challenges in the O’Connor household! Attached are some ideas on chats or activities you can do together if you think they might be of use to you at this time. They are suitable from ages 5-19 so handy if you have any older siblings.Mrs O’Connor  Living Together with Kindness
TalkForWriting - Treasure
TalkForWriting - Dreams

Year 6 Secondary School Transition Work

Year 6 End of Year Quiz
June Quiz Friends
Transition Letter
Transition Videos from Schools
Induction Resources - Langdon
SSA Transition Booklet
Newham Transition Mathematics Proforma
Multiplication Lesso
Newham Lesson on Factors
Creative Writing Scaffolds
A Christmas Carol - Stave 1 (full text)
Guidance - Character Analysis
Planning pro-forma - Character analysis, A Christmas Carol (Scrooge)
Transition Unit - character analysis. A Christmas Carol (Scrooge)
Active Introduction Romeo and Juliet
Humanities Y6 Transition Booklet
Faith in Schools
Menu getting ready to go big be awesome
Be Awesome Go Big Worksheet to Print
Session 1 - Being Awesome
Session 2.1 - Unlocking Your Mind
Session 2.2 - Unlocking Your Mind
Session 3.1 - Dare to Take Risks
Session 3.2 - Dare to Take Risks
Session 4 - Making the Change
Session 5 - Lost But Not Lost
Session 6 - Bouncebackability
Session 7 - What is Normal Anyway
Session 8 - Friendships and Fallouts
Session 9 - Living Well

3 times Table Multiplication and Division Board Game
Maths Game - Little or no equipment
Magic Squares Activity Sheet
Maths Factor

School Closure Resources
Resource List for Home Learning
Books for Topics
Audible - Listen to Books

CREST Getting Started Guide
CREST Superstar Passport
All Star Challenges
CREST Awards
All SuperStar Challenges
Starters for STEM
Great Exhibition
Great Exhibition Home Resource Pack
Great Exhibition Worksheet 2
Great Exhibition Worksheet 3
Great Exhibition Worksheet 4
Great Exhibition Worksheet 5
Great Exhibition Worksheet 6
Great Exhibition Worksheet 7
Science Fun at Home - Spinners
Science Fun at Home - Ice
Science Fun at Home - Musical Science
Science Fun at Home - Gases
Science Fun at Home - Sink or Swim (Our senses) (Animals inc humans:teeth and Electricity)

Duolingo - Learn Mandarin from Home!

Design and Technology
Design and Technology Activity 1
Design and Technology Activity 2
Design and Technology Activity 3
Design and Technology Activity 4
Design and Technology Activity 5

Free KS1 Resources
Places of Worship 360 degree view
Free KS2 Resources

Digimap Challenge
KS1 Digimap Challenges
KS2 Digimap Challenges

Home Activities EYFS
Activities to Try at Home

Keep Fit and Healthy
External Links for P.E
Active Newham - Challenges

Purple Mash
PurpleMash Log in
If you do not know your child's Purple Mash log in details, please contact the school and we can provide this for you.
PurpleMash Challenge

Twinkl Free Access

Radio Blog
Radio Blog Access

Online Safety
Home Activity Worksheets
Childline - for support
UK Safer Internet Centre - to report and remove harmful online content
CEOP - for advice on making a report about online abuse
Internet matters - for support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online
London Grid for Learning - for support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online
Net-aware - for support for parents and careers from the NSPCC
Parent info - for support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online
Thinkuknow - for advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online
UK Safer Internet Centre - advice for parents and carers - guidance for parents and carers regarding children and their online activities during the pandemic
New Video - cutting through the online safety noise. Simple advice and guidance to keep your child safe online during the pandemic - click HERE
New Video - YouTube moderation - click HERE
Let’s Talk About It  - has advice for parents and carers to keep children safe from online radicalisation

Parent Support
Wellbeing Challanges
Mental Health and Wellbeing Facts
Mental Health and Wellbeing Services
Money Management and Financial Hardships
Top Tips for Managing Money - Help and support for
families - Applications for free school meals,6TX8H,RMBIS9,RDNM0,1  - Explaining Coronavirus to Children - Newham foodbank vouchers.

Bullying or Abuse Online
You can: