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School Closures

As the school will be closed from Monday 20th March, please use the links below to continue to support your child's education during this time.

Home Learning Reception
Home Learning Reception

Home Learning Year 1
Home Learning Year 1
Book Review
7 Day Diary
Great Fire of London Activity
Summer Maths Activity Booklet

Home Learning Year 2
Home Learning Year 2
Book Review
7 Day Diary
Challenge Cards
Space Activity
Daily English Starters
Picture Stimulus Activity 1
Picture Stimulus Activity 2
Picture Stimulus Activity 3
SPAG Activities 1
SPAG Activities 2
SPAG Activities 
Summer Maths Activity
Draw the life cycle of a plant:
Try to use different shapes to draw sea creatures: fish, octopus, shark, dolphin: ‚Äč

Home Learning Year 3
Home Learning Year 3
Book Review
7 Day Diary
BBC Bitesize - Roman Activity
Maths Booklet
Maths Questions

Home Learning Year 4
Home Learning Year 4
BBC Bitesize - Viking Activity

Home Learning Year 5
Home Learning Year 5
The Mystery of the Missing Lance St. George's Day Mystery Maths Game
Year 5 Maths Revision Booklet
Task 3 Film Review
Spring Themed Maths Activity Booklet
Geography Activity

Home Learning Year 6
Home Learning Year 6
Questions (Numbers and Place Value Workbook)
Answers (Numbers and Place Value Workbook)
Living Things (Jigsaw)
Living Things (Organisms)
Writing Task 1
Writing Task 2
Writing Task 3
Writing Task 4
Writing Task 5
Writing Task 6
Writing Task 7
Writing Task 8
Writing Task 9
Writing Task 10
SATs Revision (Fiction Reading)
SATs Revision (Non-Fiction Reading)
SATs Revision (Poetry Reading)
SATs Revision (Reading Revision)
Spring Themes Maths Booklet 1
Spring Themed Maths Booklet 2
The Mystery of The Missing Knight St. George's Day Mystery Maths Game
Times Table Games
Easter Egg Biscuit Recipe
Revision Booklet Answers
BBC Bitesize Activities

3 times Table Multiplication and Division Board Game
Maths Game - Little or no equipment
Magic Squares Activity Sheet
Maths Factor


CREST Getting Started Guide
CREST Superstar Passport
All Star Challenges
CREST Awards
All SuperStar Challenges

Duolingo - Learn Mandarin from Home!

Design and Technology
Design and Technology Activity 1
Design and Technology Activity 2
Design and Technology Activity 3
Design and Technology Activity 4
Design and Technology Activity 5


Digimap Challenge
KS1 Digimap Challenges
KS2 Digimap Challenges

Home Activities EYFS
Activities to Try at Home

Keep Fit and Healthy
External Links for P.E
Active Newham - Challenges

Purple Mash
If you do not know your child's Purple Mash log in details, please contact the school and we can provide this for you.
PurpleMash Challenge

Twinkl Free Access

Radio Blog
Radio Blog Access