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Year 1

Class IT
You have been working really hard at home and getting so much done.  I know you have been getting help, and helping your sisters which is fantastic and very grown up.  This week though, I am not celebrating your amazing work.  This week I would like to thank you for your very enjoyable dance video, it really did brighten up my whole day!  I would love to share it here to cheer everyone up, but of course it is your video.  Maybe when we are all back at school we could watch it together. Well done again and thanks for making me smile!

I’ve been consistently impressed by your work on PurpeMash and especially your high scores on a lot of the quizzes.  Your obvious work ethic is astounding, especially as I know that you’ve spent lots of time playing and learning with your younger brother. Your scientific shading work about light this week is very neat and accurate. Can you draw a picture with shadows in the right places?  Keep up the great work Omar.

Class IG
For all the hard work with trimming the grass, growing plants and being brave to taste chive! For ambitiously learning the song about continents and singing it to Ms G over the phone! 😊😊

For trying hard to work on his handwriting at home and giving full sentence answers to comprehension questions about Tom Moore J Keep up the good work Ryan!

Class IB
Well done Raima! You have been working so hard at home during the lockdown! It can be hard working at home sometimes, but you are finding creative ways of keeping busy and continuing with your school work. I loved seeing your pictures of the cooking and gardening! Keep up the great work, you are doing fantastically.

Brilliant work, Aiman! You have been putting up great work on PurpleMash and completing a lot of extra work at home! I am very impressed with all of the new vocabulary you are learning! I love seeing work from and can't wait to see more! Keep it up, fantastic girl!