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Year 1

Class IT

Anisa R
Anisa is being celebrated this week for her consistently positive attitude to her learning over the past few weeks.  She has been contributing to our online learning and trying her hardest with all of her home learning.  Over the summer break, I know I can rely on Anisa to continue with her learning and I wish her the very best with it.  Well done Anisa!

I know from speaking to Jashan over the last few weeks that he is trying incredibly hard at home to keep up with his school work.  I also know that he is making the most of his time at home and is really enjoying spending quality time with his brother.  It is fantastic to hear that you’re making the most of this time and I congratulate you for it.

Class 1B

Well done, Vrunda, you have consistently shown a positive attitude while doing a lot of your school work at home. You are always lovely and cheery on the phone and make everyone happy around you. Keep it up!

Well done, Bilaal! You have been working very hard at home and have been showing the Shaftesbury 5 Cs, particularly with care and committment! Keep it up!

Class 1G

For always working hard, never giving up and completing any given task. Aarav, I am so impressed with your level of commitment towards your learning. Keep up the good efforts! 

For her positive attitude towards learning and always trying her best. Diya you have been absolutely amazing at taking new challenges and excelling yourself by responding to the feedback. J