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Year 2

Class 2A
For continuing to work hard at home, especially learning new ways to add and subtract big numbers in Maths. I have enjoyed seeing your pictures and work on Purplemash. Your Monster design was great! I'd love to read a story about that monster. 

For always trying your best. I've seen you attempt to improve your scores on quizzes and create some brilliant work. I know you're also practicing your handwriting by doing lots of written work at home too. I was particularly impressed with your African pattern. You said that you weren't sure what an African pattern should look like, but you still tried hard to make a pattern and it looks great!

Class 2M
For completing 3 SATs workbooks, in addition to all the weekly tasks that I have been setting him. Ayaan has even been learning his 7 times tables and reading Winnie and  Wilbur book! I am really proud of you Ayaan. Keep up the fantastic work! 

For completing her  PurpleMash work regularly. She always tries her best and never gives up, even if she finds some tasks challenging. I am really proud of Yumnah. Keep up the fantastic work. 

Class 2W
For having an amazing attitude to learning at home. Jessie has consistently worked on PurpleMash and has produced some really good work. He has been very active with school work and other activities such as bike riding and playing football. Well done Jessie for being the perfect role model foe everyone.
Mrs Writer

For trying really hard to learn the keyboard so that he could do more typing for his PurpleMash tasks.  Well done Sulayman! From our telephone conversations, you can tell Sulayman has such a great attitude to learning too. Thank you for making me laugh on the phone and being so kind.
Mrs Writer