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Year 3

Class 3C
I have missed reading Tasmeera's wonderful stories during lock down but she treated me with a great description this week iamgining she was tiny like Alice in Wonderland trying to escape from our classroom. Here is are a few lines of her work:
I somehow walked to the whiteboard which is near the door. It felt like I was walking London to Birmingham.
I ran up to the stool  the children use to write the date and stuff. I grabbed the leg and pulled myself up onto it and climbed up from the stool onto the table. I was like climbing mount Everest.

The Huge marker ( it felt like it to me because I was tiny) Miss C uses was on the small shelf at the bottom of the whiteboard. I used it to write help me I am small. I need to get to my desk. The marker was really heavy and my shoulders ached.
Keep up the great writing Tasmeera! 

Abdul has been a Purple Mash champion since the beginning of lockdown but this week I was particularly impressed with his work on an artist we studies in school: Lowry. He did his own research and is making a huge effort to improve his vocabulary in all of his work. Keep it up Abdul! 

Class 3A
For completing his homework with great effort and using his initiative to send it to me through 2Email. First of all, well done for figuring out how to use 2Email and secondly, I am really impressed with your homework. I can clearly see you have been making a great effort this week! Your Alice in wonderland story was fantastically written with a great use of fronted adverbials and punctuation. I was also impressed by your insect drawing and that you annotated your drawing. Keep up the great work young man!

This week I have noticed Arya completing more of her Purple Mash tasks. I have been very impressed with her scores and have noticed a huge improvement in her spellings. Well done Arya and keep up the hard work!