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Year 4

Class 4P
Well done for some of the great work you have been doing at home. I loved the pictures you sent in of the life-cycle of a butterfly made from playdough! Lovely!

Hazimah ‚Äč
It was great speaking to you over the phone and hearing about the different activites you have been doing. Keep up the great work and see you next week!

Class 4A
Alisha, you are an absolute delight in the classroom and online as well. You worked so hard in our class this year and you have managed to impress me with your generosity, your pleasant nature and the love that you have got to offer for the others. You showed great commitment to your learning, to your class, to your teacher and to your friends. You have made me extremely proud. Please keep it up in year 5!

Shanmukha, even if you are in Uk for a few months only, you have proved excellent knowledge both in class and on Purple Mash. You were so active and so ardent to do as many tasks as possible, so determined to persevere and to become so much better. I am extremely impressed with your work and your attitude towards learning. Please keep it up in year 5!


Class 4K
Well done Harvin for being an absolute superstar during lock down. You have worked hard and remained focused. You have gone above and beyond to research into new, exciting topics and I am so impressed with your passion for World News and understanding the World around you. Keep it up buddy!

Thank you Diyanah for working hard and trying your absolute best during this time. You have shown incredible commitment to your work and have ensured I only have positive things to hear from you whenever we speak. Well done and keep it up!