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Year 5

Class 5S

I am amazed by the amount of fantastic work Aya has been producing every single day at such a quick pace! Aya is always one of the first to complete the Purple Mash tasks and it is clear that she sets high standards for herself which really comes across in her work. Aya recently produced an excellent diary entry from a Victorian child worker's perspective - it was brilliant!

Gurdas has displayed a superb attitude to his learning at home and I've been blown away by his dedication. He has shown off his incredible artistic skills in his Purple Mash work as well as trying his best to produce quality writing. Keep up the hard work!

Class 5K
Abdullah has made a brilliant effort with his work this week. Despite only joining school this year, Abdullah has scored high in his Maths tests on Purple Mash. Keep up the effort Abdullah!

Heer has worked very hard on her letter to her teacher! Heer was able to write with great detail and express her feelings. She has worked hard on this piece of work. Keep up the effort!

Class 5AJ
Rakeb you have become quite the mathematician. Not only are you acing the quizzes we set, but you are completing them in super quick time! Well done for taking ownership of your own learning and completing all the tasks set on Purple Mash. Keep this up!

Zara H
Zara, we have been blown away by the quality of your writing so much that we could not decide on one piece and had to share two! You have really started to show your voice when you write and this engages the reader. Please continue this hard work. Well done!