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Year 6

Class 6F
Tulsi has worked extremely hard this year whilst at school and at home. She always puts 100% into her work and often challenges herself when writing and completing tasks. Tulsi has continued to work hard whilst learning from home and always completes tasks set on Purple Mash. Keep up the excellent work!! :)

Yatharth has worked very hard and challenged himself for the entire school year. Whilst being at school, he always completed tasks and often completed the challenge activities. Yatharth has continued to challenge himself whilst working from home especially during the writing tasks set on Purple Mash. Keep up the great work!! :)

Class 6E
Talha has been studying hard this week by carefully reading the first chapter of 'The Magic Pen' and successfully answering all of his comprehension questions correctly. He has continued to work hard over the last few months on Purple Mash and I am very proud of him. Well done!

Zaynab has been working hard to identify 'Prime Numbers' in Maths this week. She still needs to develop her understanding of them, but she has certainly shown me that she is prepared to stay committed to her learning. Keep going Zaynab!


Class 6B
For accessing his learning every week without fail. Saif has made the most of his time at home by making sure to always do some form of e-learning at home. He has written narratives, researched non-chronological reports and calculated some fairly difficult maths at home. He has also undertaken extra learning at home to make sure he is getting as much knowledge as he can in preparation for Year 7. Great job Saif!

For also accessing his learning consistently over this period. Since March, Youssef has made sure to attempt a varied range of activities from home over Purple Mash. He has continued this through the Easter break and May Half Term and has shown a high level of enjoyment for his learning. Fantastic work Youssef!