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Year 6

Class 6E
Over the past few weeks, Azim has worked incredibly hard to complete the tasks set for him on Purple Mash. He has written a fantastic newspaper article that details the discovery of dinosaur bones. He has used key vocabulary from his studies in Science this year to enhance this piece of work and engage the reader. Keep it up!

This week, Khairul has created an enthralling narrative based on the story, 'Ollie and the Great Stink' that he has been reading on Serial Mash. I was particularly impressed with how well he punctuated his work to provide impact during key events. Keep going Khairul! 

Class 6B
For showing a willingness to improve at all times. Rihan has steadily completed more and more work on Purple Mash and is now attempting every activity and 2Do that is sent to him. He also puts in a great level of effort when asked and never fails to include more information into his writing when asked.

For showing an increased commitment to his learning through Purple Mash. From the start of our closure, Aryan has  consistently worked hard on all subjects. He has shown improvements in his understanding of maths and he always tries his work twice, learning more from his mistakes. He has also been very polite, responding to news of new learning and being very thankful for it. ‚Äč

Class 6F
Shivam has consistently produced excellent work on Purple Mash. He has continued to ensure the same high standards he had in his books has remained whilst using the computer. Shivam uses a range of ambitious vocabulary, detail and description in all written pieces whilst maintaining excellent punctuation and grammar. Keep up the excellent work.

Tayyibah has been a regular Duo-lingo user and has been practicing the Mandarin learnt at school, officially being the most active user in 6F. She is challenging herself and also asking for additional tasks to be set on Yumu and Purple Mash. Tayyibah is working extremely hard at home and has continued to maintain a high standard in the work produced. Keep up the great work.