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Year Reception

Class RM
Mariam, I am so impressed with your dedication to learn and to always try your best. You have been working so hard at home to complete the activities set for you and you have become a super speller!  I really enjoyed reading your questions for a fire fighter! Well done Mariam, keep up the fantastic work.

Muhammad, you have been working very hard at home to complete all the tasks set for you on Purple Mash. You have been working consistently to the highest of standards to complete your work.  I really enjoyed reading your questions for a fire fighter! Well done Muhammad, keep up the fantastic work. 

Class RS
Vedanshi P

Vedanshi I am very impressed with the work that you are producing on Purple Mash. You wrote an apology letter to the Three bears from Goldilocks for eating their food. You wrote beautiful sentences and really thought about what the characters felt. Keep up the great work Vedanshi! I look forward to seeing more. Ms Saiyed

​Maira M
Maira you have blown me away with the amount of work you are doing at home. Not only are you completing work on Purple Mash you are also doing lots of written pieces of Maths and English work. You uploaded a total of 83 sheets of with some fantastic work. After speaking to you it was clear that you are really enjoying completing these sheets. Amazing effort and achievement. I am very proud of you. Ms Saiyed.

Class RG
Jaad Ben
Well done Jaad, you are using technology on particular purpose. I love all your hard work. You have created a beautiful dinosaur on Purple Mash. You have recognised the difference and similarities in living things. In addition to that, you have looked at different patterns when colouring your dinosaur.  Fantastic keep up all your good work.

Well done Laskar, you have worked so hard completing all the activities on Purple Mash. You have described the different stages from the chicken coop to the shop. You chose all appropriate images and labelled each one of them. You have used your phonic knowledge to describe each stage in details. Fantastic, keep up your hard work.